About Me

A commercial photographer from Ireland

I’m a commercial photographer based in Northern Ireland. Since graduating with a degree in Film and Photography from Queens University Belfast, I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide selection of brands, including Wagamama, Siemens, Nespresso, Unilever, Club Med, Allianz, The National Trust, Samsung, Butchers, Spoke, Tipi London, and many more.

With representation from Saint Lucy Represents in North America, and Common Era throughout the rest of the world, I have travelled internationally to deliver work for my clients that is compelling and singular.

I love to work with natural light, and pride myself on my ability to put my subjects at ease, delivering work for my clients that has a uniquely human quality. I ignore the rule of thirds. I shoot toward the light. I embrace distortion and welcome lens flare. I tell my subjects to look away from the camera, and I think focus is over-rated.